Weekly Recap – November 17 – November 23, 2014

Just think long-term. Learn to enjoy the process and journey of getting fit! You’ll have ups and downs. Got to have the valleys to make the peaks seem so high!  (something my coach wrote to me that really helped)

patience 1This was a step down week, meaning that mileage was intentionally scaled back to help prevent overtraining.  It’s the small (ah, huge) things like this that is the reason I work with a coach.

Left to my own devices, despite knowing I should do this, I would have put my pedal to the metal this week and tried to up the miles AND the intensity.

More than likely, I would have injured myself!

To ensure that I reaped the benefits of the step down week, I kept the treadmill speed at 2.7 rather than try to push it higher.  I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t push it – an unknown for me.

Good news – my body feels stronger and I feel ready to start increasing the pace!

I did have a minor injury scare this week in my foot.  I saw a cool video showing an exercise to help increase speed.  Nothing intense, so I decided to give it a try.  (I did only the 1st part shown in the video.  And I did it up a small ramp instead of up stairs because there were no stairs at the gym.)

To my surprise, my left foot/ankle could not handle this at all.  Nevertheless, I kept trying (which I think makes me a fairly typical distance runner).  The end result was some straining in my fascia.

I’m quite certain that had I also been trying to push the pace of my running, the injury would have turned into something significant, like plantar fasciitis.  So I was extra vigilant about keeping the pace at 2.7.

I spent a few days icing my feet in an ice bath but that seemed to only stiffen things up.  So I switched to Epsom salt baths.  Much better.

The thing that really seemed to turn the tables, though, was self-massage.  I finally spent some time really going deeply and firmly into the spot and the next day my foot was MUCH better.

I’m a big fan of self-massage.  I think it can help to prevent injuries outright and also, as in this case, keep an emerging injury from becoming more serious.

Something to think about.

Here’s the recap:

10 milesLevel 2.7
HR 107-1223:42:55